Planned Giving

#1 Meet with an attorney or financial advisor

Not talking about it doesn’t mean that death (and other taboos) won’t happen. Half of CIN members asked have indicated that they have no will or estate plan. Your family and friends will have enough to grieve when we pass away, so make it a little easier on next of kin by building a legacy. The first step is to complete a Will Questionnaire (such as this free version from LegalShield). After you complete it, get the name of an estate lawyer in your town.

Contact CIN at for more instructions on how to proceed with estate planning.

#2 Give back through estate planning

You may think that you don’t have enough (however much that is) to write a will or estate plan. You couldn’t be more wrong.

Include your giving circle, CIN, or another nonprofit organization in your will or estate plan. By allocating a percentage of your assets to organizations that you believe in and want to have an enduring impact for years to come. Connect with CIN members or the staff at your local community foundation to learn more.

#3 Give stock

CIN accepts donations of stocks and shares. Thank you for converting your stock investment into an investment in community philanthropy that will last forever.

Contact staff to do so today.