New CIN Circle Member Reflects on Black History Month Event

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Jerel W. Harvey, the newest member of Charlotte’s New Generation of African American Philanthropists, along with other Giving Circle members delivered an ensemble presentation of “We’re Bringing Giving Back” at luncheon of the Association of Fundraising Professionals on February 26. The multimedia presentation weaves personal narrative, photography and readings from the book Giving Back to provide insight on culture, heritage and the legacy of generosity among Americans of African descent.

The New Generation of African American Philanthropists (NGAAP-Charlotte)  presented at the monthly chapter meeting for the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Charlotte. As one of the newest members of NGAAP-Charlotte, I wanted to share a brief reflection of the presentation through the eyes of a person who is new to the world of philanthropy. More than anything, the presentation provided me the opportunity to witness the impact that African American giving can have not only on the Black community, but also on the general population.

As I gazed out into the audience, which included more than 60 White fundraising professionals, I saw a group of people moved just as much as me by the inspiring stories of circle members, community leaders, and grant recipients. Author and Giving Circle Member Valaida Fullwood’s ability to also incorporate interesting and many unknown facts about Black giving provided the stories with a deeper level of context.

I am grateful that I attended and participated in the luncheon, as it allowed me to remember that giving is universally appreciated. This was demonstrated through countless expressions of thanks, and the crowd’s willingness to engage in future dialogue and purchase all the books that we had available for sale. I definitely believe the event was a success, and I look forward to working with everyone to engage and educate our community about giving back.

About Jerel Harvey: Born and raised in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, Jerel is currently a financial advisor at Morgan Stanley. Previously, he worked in the areas of research, strategy, and financial analysis for companies ranging from multi-national corporations to start-up ventures. Jerel hold a bachelor’s degree in finance from Delaware State University and a master’s degree in business administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He believes in pursuing a balanced life and is dedicated to helping his community be a better place to live and work.

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For more information about the New Generation of African American Philanthropists please click HERE.

For more information about the Community Investment Network watch this video: That Plastic Ring on a Six Pack of Soda

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On March 7, 2014
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