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Essentials for Diversity in Giving (EDG)


  • Better attract and engage donors of color

  • Expand the messages delivered to donors of color

  • Improve diversity in giving

EDG is designed for organizations that:

  • Experience limited donor or color engagement

  • Seek to amplify their engagement with donors of color


The Essentials for Diversity in Giving (EDG) is a proprietary curriculum used to help define, educate, and encourage communities of color to engage in collective philanthropy. The curriculum includes individual and group exercises that illuminate the fundamentals of philanthropy from the perspective of communities of color in partnership with institutional philanthropy. The curriculum is designed for community foundations, key community institutions or organizations, such as civic, faith-based, or fraternal, to aid in the engagement of donors of color.


The EDG experience moves beyond a traditional training program to one guides participants along a journey of self-discovery and with transformation. 

  • Develop: To develop and disseminate tools and resources that provide donor education and leadership to donors of color. 

  • Strengthen: To strengthen the role that ethnic, tribal and racial giving already plays in the broader field of philanthropy. 

  • Elevate: To elevate philanthropy as a field for people of all races and all classes.

EDG Is For...

  • Foundation Professionals

  • Planning Giving Professionals

  • Non-profit leaders that experience limited donor of color engagement

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