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Our Values

Philanthropic Leadership:

Investing on the supply side of philanthropy by using time, talent and treasure. CIN cultivates a new cadre of philanthropic leaders from communities of color that acknowledge their civic responsibility and embrace their power to influence the community change.

Learning Centered Practices

Creating a culture where knowledge and education are fundamental. CIN provides learning opportunities that explore the history of community philanthropy and provide knowledge on strategic giving – giving with a goal.

Inclusive Philanthropy

Connecting people engaged in all facets of giving to enhance the impact. CIN mobilizes donors in communities of color and encourages mutual respect and partnerships with mainstream philanthropy.

Social Justice and Equity

Supporting fair practices that ensure a level playing field. CIN uses philanthropy as a tool to drive social change on issues that directly impact people’s lives.

Collective Influence

Leveraging the power of working together. CIN inspires donors to pool their resources and intellectual capital to collectively build stronger communities.

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