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Join The Community Investment Network (CIN)

Giving Circle Membership

  • Giving circles are the primary form of membership within CIN. Giving Circle Members join a network of peers advancing philanthropy from the grassroots. CIN provides members with tools to organize a circle, coordinate giving, and topics of money, class, power and race.

  • CIN offers members access to the forefront of strategic giving, civic engagement and community leadership with a robust network of organized philanthropists and donors of color. Giving Circle Members participate in CIN’s Leadership Summit and Annual Conference; a family reunion in philanthropy. CIN provides philanthropic and political education in member-led conference calls, webinars and committees.

  • Membership for giving circles is 10% of their members’ total contributions each year OR $365.

Individual Membership

  • Individual Members give their time, talent and treasure without being in a giving circle. Oftentimes, individual members have become new circle organizers.

  • CIN provides Individual Members with a community of like-minded peers, people who see themselves as everyday philanthropists. CIN offers tools, definitions and countless stories of how members are advancing democracy and social justice by giving back.

  • Membership for individuals is $120 per year.

  • Even better, we encourage you to become a part of Rootstraps, the broad-based individual donor campaign, by investing $10 per month. This can be done by making a donation, be sure to check the box marked "Make this a monthly recurring donation".

Institutional Membership – Foundation

Institutions join CIN for a space to discuss race, class and what 21st Century philanthropy looks like. CIN explores the nexus in communities of color where community philanthropy and institutional philanthropy meet. Since individuals do the vast majority of giving, there is tremendous room for institutional giving to adapt, incorporate and become welcoming to more individuals. CIN serves as an external partner to Institutional Members by providing feedback and a different perspective to institutions wanting to cross the metaphorical railroad tracks.

Membership also includes the following benefits:

  • Prominent logo placement in all donor education programs, including:

  • Annual Conference publications

  • Leadership Summit handouts and Media,

  • Educational Webinars and material

  • Discounted rates for donor education programs

  • Speaking Opportunities

  • Logo placement on CIN website

  • Subscription to the CIN Newsletter

  • Access to Giving Circle Liaison contact list (upon request; principal contacts only)

  • Access to CIN Advisory Council Network 

Membership for institutions start at $10,000 per year. 

Become a Member

Giving Circle Membership

Individual Membership

Institutional Membership – Foundation

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